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Friday, January 30, 2004

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The opposition Labor Party is having its annual National Conference in Sydney at the moment and the debate today on its asylum seeker policy got lots of media attention The guy speaking in the panorama is the new Labor leader Mark Latham - on whose charisma factor Labor is pinning its faint hopes in the next election. The debate ended with the Conference confirming the Shadow Cabinet's refugee line -- which is much like the Government's except Labor says it will stop locking up children in detention camps and it will close down the offshore camps - which Australia is paying Pacific nations like Nauru to run.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

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Here is some more from my visit to Cambodia last week. This is in the Cambodian Cultural Village -- a sort of theme park in Siem Riep (the gateway town to the temples at Angkor). The Cambodian Cultural Village is a  recently opened attraction which has caused controversy with its wax works diorama portraying  the UN-run period of Cambodian history - in the form of a scene of a UN soldier with a bar girl. Panorama.

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Monday, January 26, 2004

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Cardinal George Pell of St Marys was in the news when I was away because his niece, a nun, criticised - in an open letter published in the press - his anti-gay policies --- refusing communion service to gays, importing a psychologist (an "expert" in gay "deprogramming") and an anti-gay theologian for speaking tours, etc etc. So on Sunday there was this demonstration on the front steps ... panorama.  But apparently he's a complex character ... from this Catholic student interview about his community service background (including in Cambodia (!)):  ' “I am not one of those who remembers dreaming, but I dreamt every night in Cambodia”. When I remind Pell of this entry, his response is somewhat awkward. In a sense, he seems uncomfortable discussing a private recollection. But as I speak there is a flicker of vulnerability, an image in his head that I am not privy to; and perhaps as well, a memory that has kept him up at night.'


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Sunday, January 25, 2004

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I've been in Cambodia for a couple of weeks but am back in temperate climes again - here is a panorama from last Friday - from a balloon near Angkor Wat ( the structure just visible in the opening view of the panorama behind the square moat). It is the dry season there at the moment --- the scene would look quite different during the wet season.

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