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Friday, January 27, 2006

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Australia Day, January 26th commemorates the founding day of European settlement in Australia (1788). Allan Jones, Australia's most popular talk back radio host  -- and a malign influence on public opinion according to many commentators - was out  banging the patriotic gong (about flags -- lack thereof on public buildings) at a live broadcast at the city festivities.  Panorama. He is such a controversial figure I guess he must get reactions like that of the woman in the green dress all the time. Here is a movie snippet of the flag waving he was getting his audience to do (2 meg). Here is a panorama of the fireworks at Darling Harbour in the evening.

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

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January is the month for mass night time events in Sydney. It is Festival of Sydney time and the weather is generally too hot for big daytime concerts etc -- but the night is good. Here is the first of the months big music events in the Domain from last night -- Jazz in the Domain - panorama.

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Here is a panorama I took on New Years Eve underneath the Harbour Bridge.  Finally - after some years of trying on successive New Years Eves - I managed to get a good shot! There are other New Year panoramas from around the world on

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